CEREUS Bad Beat Jackpot Becoming Serious
August 26, 2021

The CERUS poker network, home to online poker sites Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, in a recent statement has announced their current Bad Beat Jackpot just surpassed the $600,000 mark and is- as of this writing- still up for grabs.

At $600,000+, this means the next player to lose a hand of Texas Hold 'em with quad eights or higher, at a qualifying CEREUS Bad Beat table, will now instantly win over $195,000, with close to $100,000 also going to the player that beats them, and a $1,000 each to the other 7 players that just happen to be sitting at that table at the time.

Once this most recent Jackpot is won, which should be any time now given the amount of players currently rushing to sit down, CEREUS representatives will officially be able to announce that they have given away over $12 million in Bad Beat jackpots during 2009 alone.

Story by Mark Anderson

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