Ultimate Bet Releases UB-Mac
September 1, 2021

Ultimate Bet, a member of the CEREUS poker network, recently joined a prestigious club that already holds top online poker sites like Full Tilt Poker and, by now also offering a fully functional downloadable poker client for Mac users.

The new Apple-compatible online poker client, UB-Mac, finally gives Mac obsessed poker fans, unwilling to compromise performance or gunk up their hard drives with PC emulators, the exciting opportunity to play on one of the most talked about online poker rooms on the net, Ultimate Bet, a room that features both 11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth and PokerRoad's Annie Duke as regular players.

The new software, although at this time not completely equal to the PC version, will allow Mac players to compete in multi-table tournaments, ring games, sit-n-gos and even single player blackjack, on their favorite computers with up to five tables open at one time.

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, summed up the excitement this will bring to many of us Mac-heads thusly:

"I'm a Mac nerd, and most of my buddies also swear by Apple Mac; it's been a constant frustration trying to get them to buy virtual Windows programs so they can play on UB. Well, no more virtual anything. It's UB Mac and it's kicking ass. It's blazing fast on my MacBook already."  -Scott Ian, guitarist for Anthrax and Team UB poker pro.

Story by Mark Anderson

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