PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker Starts Tomorrow!!
September 2, 2021

The first of forty-five events that make up the 2009 PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker begins tomorrow, August 3rd, at 2:30 p.m. ET, officially kicking off the most prestigious yearly online poker series on the planet.

Those signing up for that initial $215 buy-in, No-Limit Hold 'em 6-max tournament, will have a crack at a guaranteed total prize pool worth $1,250,000, one of more than a dozen $1 million-plus guaranteed prize pools to be offered during the seventeen day series.

In total, over $40,000,000 is guaranteed to be given out during this year's WCOOP, making it not only the biggest series on any online poker site, but also the biggest WCOOP since its inception back in 2002.

With so much money on the line then, it's no wonder most of the top online poker players cruising cyberspace plan to be parked in front of their computers, with their PokerStars software running, for the next two and a half weeks.  In fact, one could easily argue for any poker player that feels they are +EV in tournament poker, it would be almost criminally foolish not to be.

To play in this year's PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker, while also taking advantage of some of the best first time deposit bonuses available anywhere, new players should click here, to download the stellar PokerStars client software.

Story by Mark Anderson

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