Talk WCOOP Day 4: Eleven 100K+ Winners
September 7, 2021

Sunday, the biggest online poker day of the week, not surprisingly saw some outragiously large prize pools created at PokerStars, the world's largest online poker room. 

Events #9 and #10 of the 2009 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker were both No-Limit Hold 'em events and each one easily massacred their respective posted guarantees. 

Event #9, a fairly straightforward $215 buy-in tournament, had a posted guarantee of $1 million which turned out to be less than half of the total prize pool actually created ($2,226,200), thanks to 11,131 total entrants. 

It took more than 20 hours to declare a winner in that absurdly bloated event and by the time online player "ternoplayer" had control of all the chips, the poker media could announce another WCOOP player walking away with over $300,000.

Event #10, the High Rollers Tournament, also attracted large numbers and eclipsed its posted guarantee by nearly a million dollars, despite the guarantee already being set at $2,000,000.  That event attracted the cream of not only the online poker world crop but also most of the absolute best live players as well. 

The winner of the tournament was last year's sixth place finisher in the 2008 WCOOP Main Event, "Sumpass," earning $611,455 for yesterday's first place score, followed closely by "Sowerss" for $488,500, and PokerRoad's own Kevin "BeL0WaB0Ve" Saul, $337,870.

Event #9
$215 No-Limit Hold'em
11,131 Entrants
Final Table

?1st.  ternoplayer- $303,876.31 ?

2nd.  maxisou- $214,828.31?

3rd.  micha88- $155,834.01?

4th.  r&g2007- $111,310.01?

5th.  graybone- $89,048.01?

6th.  akilam77- $66,786.01?

7h.  PanjoDeLuxe- $44,524.01?

8th.  masterpice- $22,262.01?

9th.  SoulMaster7- $13,913.76

Event #10
$10,300 High Roller NLHE
299 Entrants
Final Table

1st.  Sumpas- $611,455.00?

2nd.  Sowerss- $448,500.00?

3rd.  BeL0WaB0Ve- $337,870.00?

4th.  SCTrojans- $254,150.00?

5th.  Belabacsi- $173,420.00?

6th.  KevBoyStar- $134,550.00?

7th.  Festivuss- $104,650.00

8th.  John Duthie- $74,750.00

9th. DDBeast- $56,810.00

It should be noted the fourth day of the PokerStars 2009 WCOOP actually featured three events, however Event #11, a $530 buy-in No-Limit Hold 'em tournament, being a two-day event is still in progress and will be covered in a later story.

To follow the progress of that event, or to find out more about the WCOOP in general, visit or check out the PokerStars blog, right here at PokerRoad.

Story by Mark Anderson

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