Erica Schoenberg On 2 Months 2 Million
September 7, 2021

Last night's newest episode of G4's poker reality show, 2 Months 2 Million, again proved why it's quickly becoming weekly, must-see viewing, for poker players around the country. 

Not only did the episode continue to showcase what it's like to be a high stakes online poker grinder, last night's show featured PokerRoad's own Erica Schoenberg, which is amazing given the fairly well publicized, battle-of-words, the popular pro had with one of shows stars, almost exactly one year ago.

In the episode, Jay Rosenkrantz, who arguably started all the trouble by accusing David Benamine of bad poker etiquette and being a fish in the Full Tilt chat- because he reportedly left a heads-up match they were playing unexpectedly after winning a sizable pot- successfully buried the hatchet with Schoenberg- Benyamine's significant other- while the two happened to be lounging at the same pool. 

The triggering incident happened in "Krantz's" own words because, he "got kind of tilted," which in turn caused Schoenberg to take offense and write a blog about him on PokerRoad (site shown on the the show BTW), calling him among other things "a typical NL ass-clown." 

After Rosenkrantz apologized, the two laughed about the incident on the show and "Krantz" reiterated his desire to play Benyamine again, before heading home and spending much of the rest of the episode preparing and waiting, in the hopes that "Mr B" was game for a match.

Ironically, just as the guys put to rest one controversy they seemed to start another, claiming most disparaging remarks online players make about live pros are "warranted" because, "They're pretty much universally terrible at all forms of poker."

Schoenberg for her part, stepped up for the live pros on the show, battling Dani Stern in a live heads-up match at the Hard Rock Casino, although it was unclear in the episode who had won by the end.

As they do every episode, at the end of the show the guys tallied up their week of play and despite having a winning week overall, it is becoming abundantly clear the four may not meet their goal, having won less than $200,000 after four weeks of trying for $2,000,000.  If things don't turn around soon, G4 may have to rename the show, 2 Little 2 Late.

To catch last night's episode, as well as the other three great shows, check out the 2 Months 2 Million marathon next Sunday (9/13/09) at 9p.m. ET, only on G4.

Story by Mark Anderson

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