Talk WCOOP Day 6: Raymond Davis Didn't Blow Up
September 9, 2021

Day 6 of the PokerStars 2009 World Championship Of Online Poker, was an unusual day for cyberspace's most prestigious poker festival. 

Although the day did feature three major events, not one of them was your standard No-Limit Hold 'em $215 buy-in at 2p.m. affair, with organizers instead opting for either non-traditional games like Badugi, non-traditional limits, or even non-traditional times as Event #16, a $1,050 buy-in No-Limit Hold 'em tournament, didn't begin till 8 o'clock at night (Eastern Time).

Despite the unusual nature of Tuesday's events, all three once again easily bested their posted guarantees, with Event #16 ending up with a prize pool worth more than 3-times its promised $500K.

Even the Badugi event, which was new to this year's series, beat its posted guarantee and in the process created one of the most enjoyable final tables of the WCOOP thus far. 

The final 8-person table featured numerous well known and fun to watch pros including Billy "crocky" Agyros, Jason "JP OSU" Potter and fan favorite Raymond Davis, who went on to win the event despite considerable good natured heckling throughout the final table, from the event's host, PokerRoad's own Barry Greenstein.

Event #14
Mixed Hold 'em 6-Max
1,563 Entrants

1st.  dangdokodang- $70,727.38*?

2nd.  yadio- $60,564.64*?

3rd.  DonkCommited- $42,201.01?

4th.  drgonzo10978- $28,134.01?

5th.  viti45- $18,756.01?

6th.  SBRounder- $11,066.05

Event #15
$320 Badugi
376 Entrants

1st.  Raymond "raydavis77" Davis- $19,912*?

2nd.  bobsmith166- $17,312*?

3rd.  goleafsgo41- $11,844?

4th.  Cordelia- $8,460?

5th.  Danny "THE__D__RY" Ryan- $5,640?

6th.  Jason "JP OSU" Potter- $3,948?

7th.  Billy "crocky" Argyros- $2,820?

8th.  MadisonAce29- $2,256

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Event #16
$1,050 No-Limit Hold 'em
1,558 Entrants

1st.  XTheDecanoX- $249,280.00?

2nd.  skilled_sox- $186,960.00?

3rd.  DuckU- $140,220.00?

4th.  pedmend- $102,438.50?

5th.  hoodini10- $74,005.00?

6th.  O0Brian0O- $57,646.00?

7th.  Holla10- $42,066.00?

8th.  cabbie182- $27,265.00?

9th.  amrasaralond- $15,580.00

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*Totals reflect final table deal.

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Story by Mark Anderson

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