WCOOP NEWS Day 9: Whoa, We're Halfway There
September 12, 2021

The PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker is halfway over, but there's still plenty of action to be found at the World's largest online poker site before September 20th's huge $5,200 buy-in, WCOOP Main Event.

The second weekend of the 2009 WCOOP started Friday with three big events, each easily surpassing their posted guarantees.

The largest winner of the day was online player "lechuckpoker," who only took third in Event #21, but due to  an earlier agreed upon deal still earned an amazing $178,768.05.

Event #21
$215 No-Limit Hold 'em w/rebuys
2,780 Entrants

1st.  Soterdelf- $174,594.68*

2nd.  Horst Heftig- $148,088.50*

3rd.  lechuckpoker- $178,768.05*

4th.  Undreaming- $80,316.01

5th.  gavz101- $60,760.81

6th.  thanksB- $46,792.81

7th.  Dieselek- $32,824.81

8th.  trucu2544- $18,884.74

9th.  BKiCe- $11,872.81

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Event #22
$530 Omaha Hi/Lo
840 Entrants

1st.  Science- $54,139.58*

2nd.  gudfaren- $42,758.60*

3rd.  ~US&Co~- $45,998.35*

4th.  Canuck- $40,969.09*

5th.  The1Messiah- $38,692.39*

6th.  _unskilled_- $16,800.00

7th.  vui-qua-di- $12,600.00

8th.  sheckwave- $8,400.00

9th.  SLOPPYKLOD- $5,040.00

Event #23
$320 No-Limit Hold 'em, 10-minute levels
2,676 Entrants

1st.  Str8$$$Homey- $126,441.01

2nd.  Moneyball16- $94,329.01

3rd.  IntheRED X2- $67,435.21

4th.  yayaya- $46,161.01

5th.  Beto77709- $34,921.81

6th.  dhg77gg- $26,893.81

7th.  Raidan909- $18,865.81

8th.  B-scrubs101- $10,853.86

9th.  arioli- $6,823.81


*Totals reflect final table deal.

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?Story by Mark Anderson

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