Professors Want To Study Player's Brains, And What We Feed Them
September 16, 2021

Kevin Clauson, an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice from Nova Southeastern University, is part of research group looking for survey takers to help with a new study focusing on poker players and their use of performance enhancing drugs.

The study, which is anonymous, takes about ten minutes and can potentially win participants a (Product)RED iPod shuffle, gathers data on which drugs- illegal, prescription or over the counter- players are currently using- or would consider using- to help them better focus or stay engaged during long sessions at the felt.

Perhaps analogous to cosmetic surgery, which was initially envisioned as a means to help disfigured soldiers after WWI before being co-opted by the mainstream to shrink noses and grow breasts, there seems to be significant evidence that certain neuroenhancing medications originally prescribed for people with learning disabilities or faulty brain chemistry, are being used more and more by regular folks looking to solve that one nagging equation, study longer, drive farther, or in our case, play just one more rotation in the hopes of getting unstuck.

The Researchers at Nova Southeastern University seem to feel that thus far poker players have been relatively ignored when studying this controversial topic, which is a shame, because if anything there's real evidence that many of us- for better or worse- are currently pushing the boundaries when it comes to the use of brain altering drugs to help our play.

For more information, or to participate in the research study, visit the PokerRoad forums

Story by Mark Anderson

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