WCOOP NEWS Day 14: Bad Day For Runner-up Deals!
September 17, 2021

Two events were featured Wednesday at the PokerStars World Championship Of Online Poker, a $500 + $30 No-Limit Hold 'em "Big Antes" event and a Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo (the bane of my existence) with an overlay worth over $30,000- an overlay easily absorbed by the $20 entry fees collected from the 1,567 total players.

In both of yesterday's events the few remaining players at the final table agreed to deals to manage risk and even out the payout structure, yet interestingly in both cases the 2nd place finisher, not only ended up making substantially less than they would have if no deal had been struck, they ended up making less than the third place finisher, and in the case of Event #35, less than the fourth place finisher as well.  

There's an old expression in poker that states that "second place" in a poker tournament is just another name for the last loser, well given yesterday's ill fated deals, one has to wonder if- despite their impressive cashes- yesterday's runners-up especially felt that to be true.

Event #34
$530 No-Limit Hold 'em (Big Antes)
3,650 Entrants

1st.  Koln4ever- $108,282.70*

2nd.  PokerProGG- $68,183.19*

3rd.  vara33- $83,779.11*

4th. Shark 00100- $41,975.00

5th.  joeppiej- $31,025.00

6th.  Raoeoiku- $23,725.00

7th.  Artiecat- $16,425.00

8th.  72good- $9,125.00

9th.  JUNFI- $5,840.00

Event #35
$320 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
1,567 Entrants

1st.  twenty305- $59,352.91*

2nd.  drkamikaze1- $47,494.65*

3rd.  lukaluka05- $62,276.28*

4th.  Mungy- $48,751.16*

5th.  DeuceBuster- $23,750.00

6th.  lozzz- $18,500.00

7th.  daveyjh- $13,500.00

8th.  ArnieAA- $8,750.00

9th.  dragoonier- $5,000.00

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*Totals reflect final table deal.

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Story by Mark Anderson

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