Wyden Rethinks Plan To Fund Health Care Through Online Gaming
September 23, 2021

Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore), according to a recent article in The Hill, has decided to withdraw his amendment that proposed partially funding the new health care reform bill with taxes gained through online gaming regulation.

The amendment, which was announced earlier in the week much to the joy of online poker advocates, is apparently now considered by Wyden and others to be to divisive, and in danger of potentially adding yet another area of serious contention to an already controversial bill.

"The last thing Senator Wyden wants to do is make it more difficult to expand subsidies for working families by introducing a new contentious issue to the debate," stated Wyden's communications director, Jennifer Hoelzer in a statement to The Hill. "So when he offers the amendment, he will do it with other funding mechanisms."

According to an often quoted PriceWaterhouseCoopers analysis, fully legalized and taxed online gaming could generate over $62 billion for the US over a ten year period, seemingly making it an ideal revenue source to help fund America's proposed new healthcare system. 

Story by Mark Anderson

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