Guinness Certifies New Online Record
September 28, 2021

According to a recent press release from, Guinness has confirmed that on Sept 6th, 2009, more players competed on that site at one time, than has ever been recorded before.

307,016 players were certified to be sitting on the virtual tables that day- a number roughly equivalent to the entire population of Pittsburgh- all playing poker at the exact same time.  42,814 tables held the action for those gamblers, enough to smash the previous record by more than 100,000 players.

This was the second major PokerStars Guinness record to be broken recently, the first being the "Largest Online Poker Tournament," which was bested July 19th, when PokerStars got 65,000 players from 155 different countries all to compete in the same massive multi-table tournament- more than the entire city of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Story by Mark Anderson

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