Maria & Tiffany Survive Week One Of Amazing Race
September 29, 2021

Every reality show needs a villain and some seem to believe its become standard practice for television producers to single out the professional poker players in the group to fill that role, but that being said, even for the most paranoid it would be pretty hard to blame anyone but Tiffany Michelle and PokerRoad's Maria Ho themselves, for how they already seem to be portrayed on CBS's hit reality show The Amazing Race.

Tiffany and Maria began the premier episode right out of the gate with a controversial strategy of running a "bluff," by lying to all the other competitors about what they did for a living.  Rather than admitting to the group that were both well known poker professionals, they instead claimed to be employees of a Los Angeles non-profit organization that specializes in helping homeless children.  The theory they shared with the camera was that they didn't want the other players to know they make a lot of money playing poker because that may make the other teams less likely to help them, but when the ruse backfired before the first episode was even half way over- when a poker fan recognized the girls in the airport- "team poker" seemed to already be labeled by the other competitors as untrustworthy and perhaps a little slimy.

It was an unfortunate way for these two poker ambassadors to start their run on the show, but given the way things appeared to be going, it didn't seem like they would be around long enough for it to really matter.  Despite starting the show in first place overall, a series of unfortunate circumstances in Japan, put them at or around last place for most of the two hour episode, making it appear that Tiffany and Maria were the most likely to be the second team eliminated that night.

It would be nice to claim that it was their natural understanding of game theory that staved the two from early elimination, but if anything it was actually Tiffany's past relationship with some pet ducks that was key to the two surviving and being able to stay on the show for at least another week. 

To see exactly what that means (because God knows I'm not going to try to explain it), visit, to watch the first episode online and get yourself caught up with The Amazing Race before it's too late.

Story by Mark Anderson

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