Ivey Makes Headlines Just By Seeing A Show
October 1, 2021

Poker legend Phil Ivey, perhaps hoping to avoid an expensive rickshaw debacle like the one host Joe Stapleton described on a recent episode of PokerRoad Radio, decided instead that the best way to get across town for a Coldplay concert would be to rent a 16-passenger helicopter with music magnate Chris Gotti.

Although obviously indulgent, the expenditure would probably have gone unnoticed if not for the pilot choosing to land the beast in a local park near Wembley Stadium, which apparently surprised the heck out of some neighborhood kids and eventually caught the attention of the New York Post, who published the story back here in America.

For more information check out the blurb at and then listen to PokerRoad Radio, for even more stories of odd excursions back in London town.

Story by Mark Anderson

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