2 Months. 2 Million. Next Week, Week Nine?
October 8, 2021

Last night's episode of G4's poker reality show "2 Months, 2 Million," saw the guys get serious, with a 36 hour "lockdown" online poker session in their "War Room."  The goal of the lockdown was to improve their lackluster results, which have thus far only (relatively speaking) yielded $135,600 after seven weeks of play- far from the $2 million dollar goal.

This weeks "lockdown" episode was definitely centered around the poker, and the result was not only the guy's biggest week to date, but also the most dramatic poker action that we the viewers have been fortunate enough to witness. 

Most of that action came courtesy of Jay Rosenkrantz, who in a series of heads-up matches saw his account go through numerous $100,000 swings and at one point even included a single pot worth more than $315,000.  It was a roller coaster session for Jay and at times he was stuck over $200k, but luckily- thanks in large part to discovering a betting tell- he was able to fight back and end his session up over $350,000 on his main opponent David "Viffer" Peat, who in turn ended his session by telling Krantz to go "die in a grease fire."

Thanks primarily to Krantz, our four heroes are finally beginning to make a dent on their $2 million goal- ending the week up $507,000.  However, as that was week eight already, it leaves even us non-math whizzes to wonder, exactly how many weeks are in a Vegas two months?

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Story by Mark Anderson

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