Helppi Helpless To Stop Vladmir's Victory At PKR Heads-Up Grand Slam
October 12, 2021

The first ever televised PKR Heads-up Grand Slam tournament wrapped up in London recently with Vladmir Geshkenbein, the last man standing of a 32-person starting field.

Geshkenbein earned $120,000 for the victory, leaving only second place money for runner-up and former WPT champion Juha Helppi, who eliminated both Ian Frazer and Alec "Traheho" Torelli on the final day to get to the last match.

The final four payout positions for the PKR Heads-up Grand Slam were as follows:

1st.  Vladmir Geshkenbein- $120,000

2nd.  Juha Helppi- $70,000

3rd.  Alec Torelli- $45,000

4th.  James Sudworth- $35,000

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Story by Mark Anderson

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