Asia Pacific Poker Tour Auckland
October 14, 2021

Day 1a of the Auckland, New Zealand stop of the PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour got underway yesterday, with 135 players ponying up the $3,250 NZD buy-in (about $2,400 USD).

Among that first starting group sat a handful of well known players including Grant Levy, Dennis Waterman, Emad Tahtouh and Lee "Final Table" Nelson, who now may have to change his nickname to "First Table," having been eliminated after just the second hand of play. 

According to the bust out video available on the PokerStars blog, it would be hard to fault Nelson for already finding the rail.  Just moments after kicking off the event by shouting "Shuffle up and deal," Lee got it all-in good with a full house higher than his opponent's, only to be severely coolered when the river brought his opponent quads.

Nelson wasn't the only player to find the exit during Day 1a play, more than half the starting field did as well, leaving only 67 survivors to see Day 2.  All the other aforementioned pros besides Lee were lucky enough to be a part of that 67 person group, with Emad especially excelling, and now leading the pack as the end of day chip leader.

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Story by Mark Anderson

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