Best Damn Poker Show Season 2 Hits The Poker Channel
October 20, 2021

Europe's largest dedicated gaming TV network, the Poker Channel, along with their numerous other great offerings will now also feature Season 2 of UltimateBet's Best Damn Poker Show, according to a recent press release from UB.

The Best Damn Poker Show, for those uninitiated, features Phil Hellmuth and PokerRoad blogger Annie Duke, competing to see which of the two can best coach lower level players into potential world champions. 

This reality style instructional program can often get heated, as both Annie and Phil are known to be highly opinionated and are forced to spend much of the show together- alone in a little booth- arguing poker strategy amongst themselves as the fates of the players their critiquing hang in the balance.  The result can be quite a bit of drama for a show that seeks to teach the fundamentals of poker, allowing Season Two of Best Damn, to continue to fit in nicely with the rest of the Poker Channel's stellar line up of poker shows from around the globe.

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Story by Mark Anderson

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