Freddy Fights And Finds Himself At Festa Final Table
October 26, 2021

Beloved poker pro Freddy Deeb, has made yet another World Poker Tour final table- this time at the Bellagio's Festa al Lago main event- and today sits on the precipice not only of earning another $1,200,000 but also in tying Gus Hansen's remarkable record of three WPT titles.

Freddy will enter today's final table both as the most experienced player left of the last six players and as the player with the most checks, beginning the day with 3,840,000 in tournament chips.

Deeb's lead is a slim one, especially over second place's Shawn Cunix, who is experienced and has nearly a half million dollars in tournament earnings- more than many hopeful players on the tour but substantially less than Freddy's $6.3 million.  The other tough players at today's final table include Craig Crivello, Tommy Vedes and two online poker friends with the same first name, Jason Lavallee and Jason Burt.

The chip counts at the start of the WPT Festa al Lago final table:

Freddy Deeb- 3,840,000

Shawn Cunix- 3,670,000

Tommy Vedes- 2,990,000

Craig Crivello- 2,570,000

Jason Lavallee- 2,045,000

Jason Burt- 1,375,000

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Story by Mark Anderson

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