Day 2 at The EPT Polish Open
March 14, 2022
130 players started day 2 of the European Poker Tour Polish Open, presented by, with the same difficult goal in mind - survival. That goal would turn out to be unattainable for all but 26 lucky players. Many players with big reputations, but short stacks, ended up hitting the rail, including Liz Lieu, and Julian Thew. Even some with huge stacks, like yesterday's chip leader Robert Flink, found themselves surprisingly out of the tournament with only memories to show for their entry fees.

Popular player Andy Black looked to be ending his day numerous times on day 2, as he experienced quite a rollercoaster session, which was only exasperated by him playing the majority of the hands at his table. Luckily for Black, he was eventually able to capitalize on some good situations and get together the chips he needed to take full advantage of the bubble period, punishing his table mates and setting himself up in a good position for the crucial day 3.

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