Maria And Tiffany End Their Amazing Race
November 2, 2021

CBS' The Amazing Race, the award winning reality show that literally sends its contestants all around the World on once in a lifetime adventures, bid adieu to their token poker players this week in an episode that truly shows the heart it takes to be a poker pro.

Tiffany Michelle and PokerRoad's Maria Ho, despite a few mistakes and missteps along the line, made it all the way to the seventh episode of the popular prime-time program but weren't able to survive to the eighth, instead being forced to quit  this week when they were unable to conquer either of the two final challenges offered.

Both final challenges in this week's Holland episode oddly involved swinging mallets, and both seemed to require an amount of upper body strength which our two heroes simply didn't seem to possess.  One challenge for instance, involved swinging a huge hammer in order to ring a bell on the top of a tower- like in the classic carnival game- and despite taking turns trying it over 70 times, neither of the women were able to get that bell to ring. 

Tiffany and Maria began the last stage of the episode ahead of many of the contestants, but by the time they tried both challenges so many times that you could almost feel their blisters just by watching, they soon found themselves completely stuck, broken, and hopelessly in last place, with little chance of ever reaching the mat at the end of the week's challenge. 

If they had been successful and made it to the end they almost assuredly would have been eliminated for coming in last, but as they couldn't even complete the challenge, from an official point of view they quit the race, though few who actually watched the episode and witnessed the incredible spirit these two pros seem to possess, would ever think to call these "amazing" ladies quitters.

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Story by Mark Anderson

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