Vanessa Rousso: Poker's Next Big TV Crossover
November 5, 2021

Now that it's known that Vanessa Rousso wont be the new host of High Stakes Poker (that honor instead apparently falling on Kara Scott), we can begin to discuss what Vanessa will be doing, and thanks to a recent tweet from the poker pro herself, we have a pretty good idea what that is.

Rousso, not only one of the most successful tournament poker players of last year but also one of the prettiest, will reportedly be following the likes of Annie Duke, Tiffany Michelle and Jean-Robert Bellande, by entering the crazy world of unscripted television, only in Rousso's unique case she wont be one of the competitors, she'll be a judge.

Vanessa will be one of four judges actually that make up the panel on a new E! television show titled, "Bank of Hollywood," based on the BBC series "Fortune:  Million Pound Giveaway." 

The show will feature regular folks pitching ideas to a highly opinionated panel, which also includes entrepreneur Candy Spelling, Wilhelmina Models President Sean Patterson and Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton, as to why they feel they are deserving of the panel's philanthropy.  If they are successful the panel will award the contestants, in some cases, real life changing money.

"The Bank of Hollywood" is being produced by Ryan Seacrest's production company which also produces "Denise Richards:  It's Complicated" and the highly popular "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

"The idea's simple," stated Seacrest in a recent interview with the HollyWood Reporter. "We are giving away tons of money to everyday people to alleviate the stress of today's climate and have fun." 

With the welcome addition of Vanessa Rousso to this new intriguing show, it makes me wonder, will it now be easer or harder to convince the panel that my online poker bankroll is perhaps a worthy recipient of their generous donations? 

For more information on "The Bank of Hollywood," check out the Hollywood Reporter article by clicking here.

Story by Mark Anderson

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