DeFazio Calls for Transparency in WTO Settlement
March 14, 2022
US Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) is in search of some clarity in regards to the recent settlement agreements made by the US Trade Representative Office (USTR). The USTR has begun the process of settling with countries affected by US online-gambling laws (recently deemed unfair by the WTO) by offering them deals and compensatory adjustments. Thus far the USTR has not been forthcoming with exactly what these adjustments entail, claiming that doing so could affect national security. Congressman DeFazio has published a letter to other members of Congress demanding that the USTR release specifics on these deals believing the "national security" claims are dubious at best.

There is some concern that the reason the details of these agreements have not been spelled out is because the USTR has overstepped their bounds and have agreed to things that only the Senate has the right to approve. If this turns out to be the case, it could nullify the agreements and make any progress in putting this issue behind us null and void.

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