First Day Of Foxwoods Finals Finds Familiar Faces
November 6, 2021

Day 1 of the World Poker Tour Foxwoods World Poker Finals, concluded last night with 206 players surviving out of a healthy 353 person starting field.

Among that field in the beginning of the day sat many well known pros including, Chad Brown, Allen Kessler, David Williams, Hoyt Corkins, Mark Seif and Carlos Mortensen, the player with the greatest equity of all the WPT tour regulars according to a recent notorious numbers crunch done by Daniel Negreanu.  When Negreanu did his calculations of 176 players that had played 30 WPT events or more, Mortensen had earnings averaging $107,354.29 per event, but unfortunately after yesterday's play that number will have to go down, as he was eliminated during Day 1 along with all of the other aforementioned pros (not including Negreanu who didn't play).

It would be disappointing to lose so many well known players so soon in a WPT event, if not for so many others still in the hunt by the end of the trying day.  Some of the pros that survived Day 1 to bag their chips included PokerRoad's Gavin Smith, Michael Mizrachi, Liv Boeree, Will Failla, Kenna James, Steve Sung, Prahlad Friedman, Christian Harder, last year's runner up Jonathan Jaffe and Todd Terry, who finished the day with the biggest stack in the field worth 165,700- nearly six times the 30,000 each player began with it at the start of play.

All these players, as of this writing, have already begun battling the next stage of the WPT World Poker Finals known simply as Day 2, where we are sure to lose at least another 100 players out of the ranks before the end of the day's play.  It's a long haul, but one worth taking, particularly given the $910,058 top prize waiting for one of them by late Tuesday night once the ride is done.

For more information on Day 1 of the WPT World Poker Finals, or to view updates, photos and videos from our own Amanda Leatherman during Day 2, visit the World Poker Tour website (

Story by Mark Anderson

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