PokerRoad Personalities Featured On Fox Sports
November 9, 2021

Saturday night, during Bluff magazine's World Series of Poker Main Event final table telecast, PokerRoad President Joe Sebok made a fairly startling announcement that has the potential to turn some of PokerRoad's favorite folks into poker's next big TV sensations.

The announcement, which Sebok discusses in greater detail in his most recent blog, involved a new weekly poker news show called Poker 2Nite, to be aired on Fox Sports Television, featuring not only Joe but also Scott Huff, known by discerning poker fans everywhere as the highly informed host of PokerRoad's The Poker Beat

With these two PokerRoad fixtures and much of the show's content written by Two Jacks In The Hole's own Joe Stapleton, Poker 2Nite will clearly feel like a PokerRoad production, with the same humor and unique perspective of the game and it's players that PokerRoad devotees have come to expect since the site first went live, a little over two years ago.

The guys will record their first, of hopefully many episodes of Poker 2Nite starting next week Tuesday, with the show then premiering the following Wednesday (11/18) at 11 PM.

For more information check out Joe's blog or keep listening to PokerRoad podcasts for details as they become available.

Story by Mark Anderson

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