Cebu's Second Starting Day Secures Serious Sums
November 12, 2021

Day 1b of the PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour Cebu Main Event attracted significantly more players than Day 1a.  213 players came out for the second starting day, creating a total field- with yesterday's 106- of 319 players, and building a total prize pool worth PHP (Philippines Pesos) 29,086,420 or about $620,000 in US currency.

The prize pool created, by what is now being reported by PokerStars as a record field for a poker tournament in the Philippines, is large enough to pay out 40 places and will offer its final champion an impressive top prize worth nearly $160,000 USD.

Of the 213 Day 1b players, 110 were eliminated, leaving 103 players to join the 50 Day 1a survivors to continue towards that final prize.

Some of the pros that have been eliminated thus far during the two starting days include Tony Hachem, David Steicke and Eric Assadourian, leaving primarily lesser known but still hungry players to compete on Day 2.

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Story by Mark Anderson

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