Jeffrey Pollack Leaves His Post
November 13, 2021

Jeffrey Pollack, after four successful years of running poker's biggest and most prestigious poker tournament, has stepped down from his role as Harrah's Entertainment's World Series of Poker Commissioner.

According to a recent article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Pollack- after fundamentally changing the WSOP since taking the reigns in 2006- hopes now to "explore new business challenges," and will be leaving his post, effective today.

"It's been a very good run and I'm proud of the growth that the tournament, and poker for that matter, have experienced," stated Pollack. "I came into this role with a certain set of objectives and now, there's a sense of accomplishment of how the World Series of Poker has expanded."

The well liked and respected Pollack, has been a fixture of attention since first arriving from the worlds of the NBA and NASCAR in 2006, and at that time many of his plans to grow the WSOP brand to many seemed highly unrealistic.  However, few now could dispute Pollack's impressive results. 

Under Jeffrey Pollack's tenure, not only has the WSOP grown both in size and in prominence, but the average players voice, and ability to effect that growth in a positive way, has also increased in a significant way.  Arguably, one of Pollack's biggest contributions to the way the Series is now run was the creation of the Players Advisory Council, which seeks the advice and help of established players to continually change the WSOP for the better, without negatively effecting its legacy. 

Other major changes that have taken place under Pollack's rule include the addition of the $50K H.O.R.S.E event, Ante Up For Africa, the WSOP Europe, the WSOP bracelet ceremonies, numerous corporate sponsorship agreements with such mainstream companies as Planters Peanuts and Jack Link's Beef Jerky, and of course the delaying of the Main Event final table- literally moving the creation of Poker's most important champion from some random corner of the casino in the middle of the night, to a huge well lit theater, in front of hundreds of applauding spectators.

As of this writing, there is currently no information as to who- if anyone- will replace Jeffrey Pollack as the next Commissioner of the World Series of Poker, and it would seem- given all of Pollack's accomplishments- that attempts to do so may prove difficult.

Story by Mark Anderson

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