Greg Sessler Becomes The Newest WSOP Circuit Ladies Champion
November 16, 2021

Just months after Nicole Rowe, a highly sympathetic women fighting breast cancer, famously came in second to a man in the Borgata Poker Open "ladies only" event, yet another player with arguably the wrong equipment has taken down a high profile "ladies only" tournament.

Greg Sessler, a 22-year old male from UC-Davis, beat out 96 players- 92 of which were women- to win the Ladies Poker Championship at Harvey's Lake Tahoe late last week- a preliminary event before the WSOP Circuit Harvey's Lake Tahoe Main Event which took place on Sunday.

Sessler, who reportedly played because there were no other significant tournaments being spread on his day off- along with catcalls and criticism- earned $9,932 for taking down the $340 buy-in event, the biggest score of his young career.

"Me playing in this tournament really had nothing to do with trying to take advantage of the ladies or thinking it was a softer field," Sessler stated afterward.  "If Jennifer Harman would have come and played in the ladies event, she would have been much tougher competition than me."  -Greg Sessler, the 2009 WSOP Circuit Lake Tahoe Ladies Champion

Story by Mark Anderson

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