Dong-Bin Han Wins APPT Cebu
November 16, 2021

The PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour Cebu Main Event, came to conclusion over the weekend with Korea's Dong-Bin Han claiming the lion's share of the $620,000+ prize pool; a top prize worth PHP 7,410,000 (about $160,000 USD).

Dong-Bin outlasted a total field of 319 players to earn the APPT Cebu title, in what is now being called the largest poker tournament ever held in the Philippines.

The final table finish positions for the 2009 PokerStars APPT Cebu Main Event were as follows:

1st.  Dong-bin Han- PHP 7,410,000

2nd.  David Hilton- PHP 5,090,000

3rd.  Sim Somyung- PHP 2,900,000

4th.  Kevin Clark- PHP 2,036,420

5th.  Terry Fan- PHP 1,450,000

6th.  Mark Pagsuyuin- PHP 1,150,000

7th.  Nick Pronk- PHP 875,000

8th.  Phillip Willcocks- PHP 700,000

9th.  Alexandr Petrovich Tikholiz- PHP 525,000

All totals expressed in local Philippines Pesos (about 50PHP=$1.00 USD)

For more information on the Asia Pacific Poker Tour visit or check out the PokerStars blog ( for stories and updates from the event itself.

Story by Mark Anderson

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