Cake Poker Adds More Players And Convenience
November 17, 2021

Cake Poker, the flagship online poker site of the highly popular Cake Poker Network, has been in the news lately due to a few interesting developments.

First off was the emersion of Third Bullet Poker, an online poker partner already on the Cake Poker Network, which recently told its customers they were officially merging with Cake, allowing its players to have full access to all the promotions, benefits and advantages available to Cake Poker players.

One such advantage, newly announced and already getting quite a bit of buzz, is Cake's recent decision to synchronize their tournament breaks, which gives players playing multiple events simultaneously, the ability to still be able to take advantage of a 5 minute reprieve every hour.

Cake's synchronized breaks will apply to all multi-table tournaments including those still in the first level, as well as those still open for late registration.

All breaks will take place at 55 minutes past the hour, also serving to bring Cake Poker's tournament breaks in line with other major sites which have also made this move including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and UltimateBet

To take advantage of Cake Poker's synchronized breaks, and all their other popular features and promotions join the site by clicking here.

Story by Mark Anderson

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