UltimateBet As UB, Shows What's In A Name
November 18, 2021

Online poker site for good or for bad- is used to being the hot topic of conversation with poker players, and now in both a symbolic and real world way, the company has forever changed the texture of those discussions., as one of the oldest and most recognizable online poker sites on the planet, has really always been known by two names, the formal UltimateBet, and the less formal UB- as it's regularly referred to by the players themselves while grinding out the hours in front of their screens, earning bets and pots through talent, heart, cunning and perseverance.  So perhaps it's no surprise that as UB now works to clearly put their focus on the needs and protection of those players, that they would choose to officially call themselves what the actual players do.

Renaming the site as it will now henceforth be known- is just one of countless changes that have come about since Tokwiro Enterprises took over the company a few years back and is meant in many ways, not only to remind people of how much has changed, but also how much is still evolving. 

Along with the recent decision to sign numerous new pros known as much for their integrity as their play- like PokerRoad's Bryan Devonshire and Joe Sebok- UB has also made the site both more accessible- by adding Mac compatibility- and more enjoyable- by revamping the look and feel of the site and by adding 30 new guaranteed tournaments worth over a million dollars in posted guarantees.

"The launch of is not just a new domain with a different logo, it's much more than that," stated Paul Leggett, Tokwiro's Chief Operating Officer. "It's a complete new direction for UB. It's software built with the serious poker player in mind. It's a new television show that is truly about poker, not just another reality or game show. And finally, it's tournaments and promotions that poker players care about."

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Story by Mark Anderson

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