42 Elderly Ladies Arrested For Playing Cards
November 24, 2021

Police officers on the beautiful island of Cyprus, recently made international headlines by protecting the citizenry from 42 sweet old ladies who had the audacity to get together for a weekly game of cards.

The women, the majority of whom were between the ages of 75 and 85, were arrested and taken into police custody for breaking the country's strict anti-gambling laws by playing gin rummy for money. 

Along with grabbing the criminals- one of which was 95-years young- police also confiscated all the money involved in the illegal game, which reportedly came to less than $152 (or about $3.50 per player).

Police raids of US card games, like in Cyprus, have also become more common as of late, though luckily- thus far at least- American officers haven't taken things quite to this extreme.

Story by Mark Anderson

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