2nd Episode Of Poker2Nite Set To Roll
November 25, 2021

Tonight, as much of America prepares for their upcoming Thanksgiving Day festivities, some of the most popular folks from will once again be appearing on television screens across the nation, bringing poker fans the newest installment of Fox Sports Net's Poker2Nite.

This week's episode, of what is essentially a poker news and entertainment show with a bit of that insider feel that has always made so many of the PokerRoad podcasts so engaging- along with hosts Scott Huff and Joe Sebok- will feature Andy Bloch, a Full Tilt pro and former member of the infamous MIT BlackJack Team. 

Bloch is coming off a win at one of Annie Duke's celebrity poker charity events, which makes it an ideal time to catch up with the popular pro, while also getting a chance to discuss Annie's event as well as other top poker stories from the week.

This new episode, filmed just last night and rumored to have a much more casual feel than last week's premier, will air tonight (11/25/09) on FSN, check local listings for times in your area.

For more information check out the UB blog, where writer Gene Bromberg had a chance to sit down with Sebok and talk about tonight's show.


Story by Mark Anderson

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