Justin Shronk Memorial Tourney This Weekend!
December 5, 2021

The Justin Shronk Memorial Tourney is now just two days away, yet there's still plenty of time for players to sign up to support the Justin Shronk Memorial Fund at Temple University.

This event, being held this Sunday (12/6/09) at 6:00PM EST (18:00 server time), only costs $10 to enter- with $5 going to the prize pool and $5 going to the fund- and is an ideal opportunity not only to help a worthy cause while remembering a friend that is still sorely missed, but to also play poker with some real World class players, as many have already signed up in memory of Shronk.

Some of the players currently on the list to play include Adam Junglen, Andy Bloch, Michael Craig and many if not most in the PokerRoad family.

Players can sign up for the tournament by visiting the "Tournaments" section in the Full Tilt Lobby, and then by clicking on the "Private" tab.  The event is number 121607994, and requires the Password "Justin Shronk" to enter (make sure to capitalize the J and the S and include the space).

For more information on this tournament, or on the Justin Shronk Memorial Fund at Temple, check out the dedicated thread in the PokerRoad Forums.

Story by Mark Anderson

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