PokerRoad Invades!
December 8, 2021

Players on the sports networking site may have noticed a trend lately while logging in to connect with all their friends and teammates, namely, that PokerRoaders are popping up all over the site. 

Yep, like some kind of virus, the PokerRoad family has begun to spread across Sportsvite, infiltrating every nook and cranny of the site, and using its many cool features for our own selfish gains. 

For instance, PokerRoad Radio's Court Harrington is on Sportsvite looking for fellow wakeboarders, Stapes of the Two Jacks In The Hole is perusing Ultimate Frisbee teams (Co-Ed I'm assuming) and even The Poker Mind's Amanda Leatherman is on Sportsvite, apparently game for a friendly skeeball competition.

Of course, it goes without saying that Amanda and the rest of the crew also listed poker among their sports activities (that's actually how I found them) and our game is truly one great example of how Sportsvite's social-networking capabilities shine.  Poker players on Sportsvite can use the site to find players in their areas, organize home games and live tournaments, keep track of how many people are coming, and even upload photos and videos once a game is over (perhaps to show how their friend Scotty almost cried like a little girl when that last ace hit to nullify his kings).

Signing up for a free account is quick, easy, and can really change the way you play and interact with other poker players. 

Plus, now that the PokerRoaders are on board, there's no reason not to join too (I mean, really, how else could you discover that Joe Sebok is into playing bocce...probably because it's one of the few sports he can play with one hand, thus allowing him to tweet about the experience with the other).

To find out more about and join the official PokerRoad "Players List" click here.

Story by Mark Anderson

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