Montel Sued After Lofty Poker Ambitions
December 10, 2021

Television talk show legend Montel Williams and his production company, the Montel Media Group, had hoped to make "Poker Television History," according to their website, when they came up with the concept of the International Team Poker League (ITPL), yet Williams, instead of finding himself placed in poker's annals, now finds himself in court, being sued for breach of contract.

Guardian Gaming Ltd., the company bringing the suit, claims they were promised a 25% share of the ITPL in exchange for an initial $300,000 investment, but once they had provided those funds was dumped for another company, that apparently was capable of making a better deal.  According to the suit, despite breaking the agreement, Williams and the ITPL have yet to return the full $300,000, instead offering to return the sum in smaller more manageable payments.

Along with breach of contract, Guardian Gaming Ltd is suing for intentional misrepresentation, fraud, unjust enrichment and conversion.

Story by Mark Anderson

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