Dream Team Poker Championship Adds Super Bowl Tickets To The Kitty
December 14, 2021

The LA Bicycle Casino's Ho Ho Hold 'em poker series will officially end its nearly month long run this Saturday (12/19/09), with the Dream Team Poker Championship, a low cost team poker event, with four added Super Bowl tickets- and some extra spending cash- to make things even more interesting.

The Bike's Dream Team Poker Championship is the first major Dream Team Poker tournament since this summer's World Series of Poker event but unlike that event, which cost $1,680 to enter (or $560 per player), teams can get in this tournament for only $201($67 per player).

Players wishing to participate in this next Dream Team Poker tournament don't necessarily have to be able to scrounge up two poker buddies to play, as organizers are more than willing to pair them up with other lone wolves, and even if those players aren't that good, individuals -as always- still have a shot at half the prize pool, with the winner earning the largest chunk, along with 1 Super Bowl ticket and $500 bonus cash.

Of course if your team is good, things get even better, as you and your friends, with a team victory, will earn the biggest share of the team prize pool as well as 3 Super Bowl tickets and $1,500 to share.

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Story by Mark Anderson

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