Sebok's Twitter Tourney Wrap Up
December 14, 2021

The Sebok's Million Twitter Follower Blowup Celebration, as planned took place yesterday at UB, and over 850 players chose to join the fun.

Despite the event only costing $5.50 to enter, the action at times was intense, thanks in part to over $24,000 in extra cash and prizes added to the prize pool. 

$1,500 of that money went to online player "CRBADBEAT," who knocked out the guest of honor, Mr. Joe Sebok, when he called Sebok's all-in raise with 8-Jack offsuit and proceeded to hit an 8 on the flop.

Other players to score bounties in yesterday's event included "BENSTALK123," "PROGOLDFISH," "NAGOW," "RSCAT1," "DONKINGDEB," "DRTOM" and "POCKETHEADIES," who had the honor of knocking out the Amazing Race's Tiffany Michelle, to claim her $500 bounty.

As this was first and foremost a poker tournament, many players earned their cash in the event the old-fashioned way, by outlasting most of the field.  162 players cashed in the event, with online player  "CRZYXC255" earning the largest piece worth $773.67, as well as the opportunity to play Joe alone for another $1,000; to be interviewed on PokerRoad Radio; and to be in a single table sit-n-go with the other eight final tablists, for a chance at a 2010 Aruba prize Package valued at $8,500.

The final table finish positions for the UB Sebok's Million Twitter Follower Blowup Celebration, were as follows:

1st.   CRZYXC255- $773.67

2nd.  IONABILL- $431.19

3rd.  PSKANK332- $325.41

4th.  FLYINEMU- $255.9

5th.  PROGOLDFISH- $213.25

6th.  MIXMASTAPAUL2- $170.6

7th.  BILLG3RD- $127.95

8th.  SALMONHEAD8- $94.68

9th.  GRZA- $68.24

Seeb's tourney on Sunday attracted many of PokerRoad's friends, fans and forum regulars, as well as most of the PokerRoad family, and seemed to be viewed by the majority involved as not only an amazing value, but a fun way to connect with a community many of us feel intimately tied too. 

Sebok already has over 72,000 more followers on his Twitter account since crossing the million barrier last month; here's hoping his popularity can keep growing, so maybe we can all do this again real soon.

Story by Mark Anderson

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