Voting Still Open For Bluff 2009 Readers Choice Awards
December 17, 2021

It's been a little less than two weeks since Bluff Magazine announced their nominees for this year's Readers Choice Awards, but for those up for nomination, it probably seems a lot longer. 

Bluff has given their readers- or anyone really who visits their site- exactly one month (from Dec. 8th to Jan 8th) to vote on such things as "Top Poker Blog," "Favorite Poker Villian" and "Top Story of 2009," and until that time expires those nominated, including numerous PokerRoaders, will just have to wait and hope. 

Some of the PokerRoad shows and family currently waiting to claim the top spot in their categories includes Joe Sebok and Barry Greenstein for "Favorite Poker Twitterer," The Poker Beat's Dan Michalski of for "Top Poker Blog," and The Poker Beat itself, for "Favorite Poker Podcast/Radio Show."

To vote for your favorite PokerRoad content or personalities click here, to vote for anyone else here.

Story by Mark Anderson

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