Full Tilt Suspends Townsend Due To Isildur1 Scandal
December 22, 2021

Full Tilt Poker, an online poker site known for its large stable of pros, recently suspended one of them due to evidence suggesting he may have violated their terms of service.

Full Tilt "red pro" Brian Townsend, has been suspended for one month according to his popular blog at, for compiling hand histories in preparation for heads-up matches with online high stakes monster Isildur1; a rules violation that became public after Townsend's friend and associate Brian Hastings, credited Townsend during an interview on ESPN's The Poker Edge, for his help in beating Isildur1 for over $4 million.

In his blog, Townsend admits he violated Full Tilt's T&C (Terms and Conditions), but was quick to claim Hastings did not, stating instead that all he and Cole South did to help Hastings prepare for his match, was chat about the hand analysis Townsend did, an activity which according to Townsend, does not violate any of Full Tilt's rules.

As for Isildur1- most likely still smarting from the significant loss- he* will now, according to a recent interview from, "put through a formal complaint" with Full Tilt Poker, as he now believes there was at least some sharing of hand histories that directly affected his match with Hastings.

To read more about this story check out the Isildur1 interview at and/or the Townsend blog at

Story by Mark Anderson

*Masculine form used for convenience though the identity of Isildur1 (and therefore the sex) is at this time still unknown.

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