Sebok And Nejad Show Their Faces On Tonight's Season Six Premier Of Poker After Dark
January 4, 2022

It's almost hard to believe that NBC's popular late night poker offering, Poker After Dark (PAD), is already beginning its sixth season, yet here we are with the first episode of that season set to roll late tonight (early tomorrow), once again featuring a bevy of well known players.

Arguably, one of the best things about Poker After Dark- after the poker action inspired by the $120,000 winner-take-all prize pool- is being able to hear the players talk and interact with each other, and all of tonight's players have definitely proven their abilities in that arena, as this week's PAD theme is poker commentators- men and women who often get paid to talk poker.

The pros invited to pony-up $20,000 for this week's televised, six-person, sit-n-go style event include Gabe Kaplan, Howard Lederer, Mark Gregorich, Kara Scott, PokerRoad President Joe Sebok and his old PokerRoad Radio friend and co-host Ali Nejad, who will be stepping out of his role as the regular PAD commentator, to compete on the felt himself.

Season Six of NBC's Poker After Dark rolls out its first new episode late tonight, January 5th, at 2:05 am (check local listings for times and channels).

Story by Mark Anderson

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