Bonomo No Longer With Bodog
January 5, 2022

Justin Bonomo, the highly respected tournament professional and old PokerRoad favorite, was recently discovered to no longer be a member of Team Bodog, leaving only two pros to remain on a high profile team, often known as much for its rock and roll attitude as for its poker success.

Bonomo's departure from the team came as a bit of a surprise to many given his impressive 2009.  The highly opinionated pro earned more than $750,000 throughout the course of last year- according to player tracking site and landed on one of the most prestigious final tables of the most recent World Series of Poker- the $40,000 buy-in, 40th Anniversary event.

Given his results, it is fairly clear that Bodog didn't choose to get rid of Bonomo due to performance, but the actual reasons for the recent split are much less apparent and have thus far been undisclosed. 

With Justin Bonomo's departure coming less than six months after Jean-Robert Bellande's, only Evelyn Ng and David Williams now remain on Team Bodog, leaving pundits to only speculate as to the future of what has historically been one of poker's most headline attracting teams.

As for Bonomo however, few wonder about his fate, given his obvious rock solid abilities it seems clear Justin wont be without a team for long.

Story by Mark Anderson

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