The CryptoLogic 2007 Earnings Report
March 20, 2022
As have many others, CryptoLogic (an Internet gaming software provider) has recently released their 2007 earnings report; however, unlike many other internet gambling related companies, CryptoLogic showed real growth in 2007. Early estimates assumed CryptoLogic would post quarterly earnings of $.21 a share, but the actual earnings were closer to $.31. To common ears, an extra $.10 a share may not sound like much; however, this extra dime so exceeded analysts' expectations that it drove CryptoLogic's stock over a dollar higher per share once the earnings were announced.

It is perhaps not surprising that CryptoLogic has not yet reached its pre-UIGEA performance level; however, this 2007 report shows that the company has a real and successful strategy for navigating the murky waters of a post-UIGEA world.

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