PCA Payout Structure Offers Surprises
January 7, 2022

With this year's PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event attracting more players than ever before, many were anxious to see what the top finishers were going to get paid, particularly as last year's winner, Poorya Nazari, walked away with an astounding $3,000,000.  Despite nearly 200 players more than last year though, it seems Poorya's record PCA payout is in no danger of being beaten, with tournament organizers choosing instead to flatten the payout structure in order to spread the wealth around.

224 of the 1,529 players at this year's PCA will earn some share of the $14,831,300 total prize pool, with the final player with chips earning $2,200,000; the largest first place payout of the European Poker Tour season thus far.  The second, third and fourth place finishers will each earn more than a million dollars as well, with everyone who makes it to the final table guaranteed at least $201,300 (the prize for eighth place).

In comparison, last year's event paid out 199 places, awarded a million plus prize to the top 3 finishers and gave it's eighth place finisher- PokerRoad's Kevin Saul- $234,000 for his troubles.  Interestingly enough, only that eighth place, and the $3,000,000 first place, paid better last year than they will in this year's event.

Story by Mark Anderson

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