Gimbel Wins More Than A Few Pennies At The PokerStars Caribbean Adventure
January 12, 2022

19-year-old Harrison Gimbel, was the last player sitting yesterday at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure main event, earning himself an impressive top prize worth $2.2 million.

The young internet pro accomplished this feat by outlasting a total field of 1,529 players, and by pushing through a tough final table, full of both old and new school pros, including multiple World Championship Of Online Poker bracelet winner Ryan "g0lfa" D'Angelo, and CardPlayer's Barry Shulman, who after winning the 2009 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event last September, made it all the way into third place here as well before finally being dispatched by Gimbel, after a series of all-in moves that worked every time but once (as they say).

Gimbel proved himself to be fairly fearless throughout the final table, not only displacing Shulman late in the match, but also by risking personal elimination early on, getting involved in a huge all-in pot with Ryan D'Angelo during the day's first level of play- the chip leader that at the time most at that table were trying their best to avoid dealing with.  All the money got in pre-flop during that hand and Gimbel's pocket Jacks proved themselves worthy of winning the huge- 10 million chip plus- hand, immediately dumping D'Angelo- and his withered Ace-King- back into the center of the pack, and eventually playing a large part in his 5th place finish.

The final table payouts for the 2010 European- Latin American- North American- Asia Pacific Poker Tour's PokerStars Caribbean Adventure were as follows:

1st.  Harrison Gimbel- $2,200,000

2nd.  Tyler Reiman- $1,750,000

3rd.  Barry Shulman- $1,350,000

4th.  Benjamin Zamani- $1,000,000

5th.  Ryan D'Angelo- $700,000

6th.  Aage Ravn- $450,000

7th.  Zachary Goldberg- $300,000

8th.  Thomas Koral- $201,300

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Story by Mark Anderson

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