Iowa's William Reynolds Wins PCA High Roller
January 14, 2022

21-year-old William Reynolds, a professional poker player from Sioux City, Iowa, has claimed the top prize in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure High Roller event, a prize worth $576,240.

To earn that cash and the prestigious title that went with it, Reynolds had to outlast 84 tough high stakes players including numerous well known pros, as well as survive a long final table that lasted close to nine hours before all was said and done.

The last player Reynolds faced before securing the victory was Canada's Will Molsen, who remarkably also made it into heads-up play in this same event last year, before eventually bowing to live tournament monster Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier.  It can't be an easy thing to once again get so close, only to lose in the final "battle of Wills," but certainly there is some consolation in the second place money, this year worth over $100,000 more than last.

The final table finish positions for the 2010 PCA High Roller event were as follows:

1st.  William Reynolds- $576,240

2nd.  Will Molson- $322,075

3rd.  Adolfo Vaeza- $218,150

4th.  Michiel Brummelhuis- $154,350

5th.  Lisa Hamilton- $133,770

6th.  Tobias Reinkemeier- $108,045

7th.  Matt Marafioti- $87,465

8th.  Dmitry Stelmak- $66,885

For more information on how it all went down at the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure High Roller event, visit the PokerStars blog (

Story by Mark Anderson?

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