Basebaldy Baldwin Give Back To Wisconsin Baseball
January 22, 2022

According to recent articles from and Walworth County Today, Eric "basebaldy" Baldwin, recently donated enough money to his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UW-W), that the school was able to purchase a whole new lighting system for their campus baseball field.

Now thanks to Baldwin- who was himself a proud UW-W Warhawk baseball player, before graduating, moving to Vegas, getting sponsored by UB and earning over $2 million in live tournament scores- the UW-W will be able to host the 2010 Midwest regional competition of the Division III baseball national championship tournament.

The UW-W hasn't hosted that tournament since 2005, which coincidentally enough, was also the year they won it, thanks in no small part to starting right fielder Eric Baldwin.

Eric "basebaldy" Baldwin is a native Wisconsinite, originally from Beaver Dam (about halfway between Fond du Lac and Madison).

Story by Mark Anderson

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