Beau Rivage Final Table Set, With Hoyt At The Head
January 27, 2022

After a long day of play last night at the World Poker Tour Southern Poker Championship, only six players remain to compete today for a top prize worth $739,486.

Leading that group of six, with over 2 million in tournament chips, is poker legend Hoyt Corkins, one of the few marquee names to survive the difficult Day 3 that saw the end to so many.

Some of the well known players eliminated during Day 3, before the money, included Kathy Liebert, Brian Hawkins, Ryan D'Angelo, Dwyte Pilgrim and Sam Rashid- the bubble boy.

Post bubble eliminations included Tommy Vedes (17th- $15,438), James Mackey (14th- $19,297), Justin Smith (13th $19,297), Ken Harbaugh (12th- $25,086), Dan O'Brien (9th- $28,946), J.J. Liu (8th- $48,243) and Andy Philachack, the official seventhbok of the event ($67,540).

The seating positions and chip counts for the 2010 WPT Southern Poker Championship at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino are as follows:

Seat 1.  Tyler Smith- 1,169,000

Seat 2.  Hoyt Corkins- 2,069,000

Seat 3.  Jonathan Kantor- 894,000

Seat 4.  Jerry Vanstrydonck- 1,044,000

Seat 5.  James Reed- 377,000

Seat 6.  Jared Jaffee- 762,000

For more information on Day 3 of the WPT Southern Poker Championship, or to follow today's (1/27/10) final table action over the web, visit, for live updates, chip counts and excellent videos starring PokerRoad's Amanda Leatherman.

Story by Mark Anderson

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