Mizzi Set To Manhandle Aussie Millions Remainders; Annette Adjusts Accordingly
January 29, 2022

Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi, entered Day 4 of the the 2010 Aussie Millions main event third in chips out of eighteen remaining players, however by the end of the fast paced day, he found himself with 3 times the stack of his closest competitor, and suddenly the dominant favorite to win the $2,000,000 AUD main event first prize, just seven players away.

With over 4,000,000 in chips more than second place's Tyron Krost, some may assume Sorel's victory is a proverbial lock, but those people would be wise to note that the young legend, Annette Obrestad, still has a few chips in this event as well. 

Obrestad, has proven to her many opponents in her absurdly short, yet wildly successful live playing career, that any amount of chips in front of her are too many; and her victory in an earlier 2010 Aussie Millions event, further reminds them that if anything is harder do deal with than a player with her aggresive skills, it's that same player, who also happens to be running good. 

Joining these two powerhouses- whom coincidentally both happen to be sponsored by Betfair- are six other tough players, a Steven, a Stephen, a Jensen, a Jetten, a Kosta, and a Krost.

The current final table chip counts for the 2010 Aussie Millions main event are as follows:

Sorel Mizzi- 6,033,000

Tyron Krost- 1,869,000

Frederik Jensen- 1,754,000

Peter Jetten- 1,700,000

Annette Obrestad- 1,349,000

Stephen Shelley- 991,000

Steven Friedlander- 694,000

Kosta Varoxis- 635,000

To watch "Imper1um" battle "Annette_15," along with six others, equally hungry for the Aussie Millions title, visit for live updates, chip counts and photos, when the final table kicks off later tonight (7:00 PM PT) in Melbourne.

Story by Mark Anderson

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