Study: Poker Is A Skill!
March 21, 2022
Any poker player that takes the game seriously should accept the idea that poker is a game of skill as a maxim and a given. Unfortunately, not everyone in the general population seems to agree with us on this. In recent court cases, some officials have even gone so far as to dismiss poker as pure luck simply because they've noticed on TV that sometimes the best hand loses. It would seem then that somebody needs to objectively study this question, so that we can finally put the matter to rest. Luckily for us, Dr. Douglas K Detterman and Michael Dedonno have done just that, and with the kind of results that should surprise no one that visits our site.

Dedonno and Detterman started their study with the premise that in games of luck, instruction and strategy are immaterial. These gentlemen then conducted an experiment at the Case Western Reserve University to test their hypothesis that instruction and strategy can improve a poker players performance, hence proving poker to be a game of skill. The experiment started by subjecting two separate groups to poker simulation software. Both groups contained novice players playing a predetermined amount of hands. One of the groups was then given basic poker training, while the other was not. When the groups were tested again, the group that had been taught the importance of observation, patience, and basic strategy (through instructional materials they had been given) outperformed the control group. The experiment was then run with significantly more hands (increased from 200 to 720) and with more advanced training, focusing on higher level concepts. Once again when the groups were retested, the trained group performed better than the control, this time with even more pronounced results.

DeDonno and Detterman have published the results of their study in the Gambling Law Review, satisfied that the results sufficiently show that poker is indeed a game of skill - which probably could have just as easily been proven by taking a good look around Barry Greenstein's house.

To do just that, why not check out this week's, Destination Unknown with Amanda Leatherman , as she takes us to a BBQ at the Bear's impressive home.

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