UBOC4 Accelerates Towards Exciting Conclusion
January 29, 2022

This last week on the CEREUS Poker Network, another 12 major UBOC4 events took place, with nearly every one busting what already appeared to be very optimistic posted guarantees.

Each event featured a celebrity poker host and impressive field sizes, and over the last seven days, have awarded millions in prizes.

With UBOC4 events 1 through 15 now completed, only two major tournaments remain before this Sunday's (1/31010) highly anticipated main event, the UBOC Championship

Winners and recaps from Events #4-#15 follow:

UBOC #4, a $130 buy-in Sniper No-Limit Hold 'em event, attracted 721 players, more than doubling its $30,000 posted guarantee prize pool.  The event was taken down by UB player "SUPERPROP123" who earned $16,763.25 for the victory.

UBOC #5, a $128,000 guaranteed heads-up event, attracted 171 players and awarded a first prize worth $46,170- nearly 50 times the $1,050 buy-in.  The event was won by
online player "MIGUEL_PRADO."

UBOC #6, was a called a Triple Chance event, allowing entrants to rebuy up to three times. The event cost $162 to enter initially and guaranteed a $100K prize pool.  459 players entered this sixth UBOC event, however there were not enough rebuys to prevent this event from being the first in the series to provide an overlay.  The Triple Chance champion was "PAUL426."

UBOC #7, was won by online player "SOMPAS," who earned $65,623.74 for the victory.  This $215 No-Limit Hold 'em event, attracted 1547 registered players, enough to surpass the $300K posted guarantee by nearly $10,000.

The eighth event of UBOC4 was a biggie, with a million dollar guarantee prize pool and the biggest buy-in of any of the UBOC4 tournaments (at $2,600).  The event was hosted by PokerRoad's Joe Sebok and Phil Hellmuth, and attracted enough players to push the actual prize pool past $1.5 million.  The eventual winner of the event was named "SEBBAU," who earned $330,900, thanks to a proposed deal once play became heads-up.

UBOC #9, was a switch to Limit Hold-em, taken down by Absolute Poker player "COLDFISH219."  "ColdFish219," proved hot enough to outlast 362 other players, thus securing a first prize worth $9,075- the largest chunk of the guarantee busting $36,300 prize pool.

UBOC #10, was another departure from No-Limit, and in fact was instead an event that celebrated all things Pot-Limit.  The Pot-Limit Championship, hosted by PokerRoad Radio's Bryan "Devo" Devonshire, attracted 422 players and awarded a first prize worth $40,500 to "011POKERDR."

UBOC #11, had 305 players enter, creating a total prize pool worth $134,200- nearly $35,000 more than the posted guarantee.  The winner of the event was UB player "ROLLOVER2K," who earned $33,550 for the victory.

UBOC #12, was a H.O.R.S.E. event with a $50,000 guarantee.  This event crushed its guarantee as well, thanks to 305 players ponying up $215 each.  The victor of the UBOC4 H.O.R.S.E. tournament was online player "POKERDEVL," who secured $16,714 for being the last player with chips.

UBOC #13, was a $162 buy-in event that awarded the final player, "MOTA_L_ZORRO," with a top prize worth $11,754.60.  This half Omaha/half Stud event attracted 286 players and surpassed its guarantee by $12,900.

UBOC #14, saw the return of No-Limit Hold 'em, as well as the return of a $100,000 plus top prize.  511 players contributed $1,050 each to compete in this deepstack event, enough to surpass the $300K guarantee by more than $200,000.  All of those players eventually settled for less than total victory with the exception of Absolute Poker player "TAZED1SPURR" who won the thing and the $125,195 top prize that went with it.

UBOC #15, the Thursday night Pot-Limit Omaha 8-or-Better tournament, attracted 331 players including two established UB pros- Shawn Rice and Phil Hellmuth- that made the final table.  Neither Hellmuth nor Rice was able to quite close the deal, leaving the top prize worth $25,000 to online player "YOSSARIAN80."

For more detailed information on the UBOC4 series, including a complete schedule of remaining events, visit

Story by Mark Anderson

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